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2012/06 AVVX Visual Music Workshop @ Marmelada 2 / Independent Biennial, Ljubljana

The 3 day “AVVX – Visual Music with Vector Graphics” workshop took place at Marmelada 2 / Independent Biennial in Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 2012. We discussed visual music; participants were introduced to the AVVX app; and prepared audio and visuals for the software. They played with the code, and explored other software. On the 3rd day (4/June), we had a showcase @ Kino Siska, Ljubljana. Eight days later (12/June), we had another showcase @ Krizanke, an old monastery in the center of Ljubljana, as part of the UF! Festival.

The following video collects several lo-fi recordings captured at the first showcase, and reflects a large variety of music and visual styles:

The next video focuses on the second showcase, with several interviews:

More on AVVX (free, open source):
More on the Independent Biennial:

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2009/09 Digital Interactive Audio @ Tallinn University

From 21/9/2009 to 1/10/2009, I’ll be teaching the Digital Interactive Audio 20h course @ Tallinn University, as part of the Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments master program.

The course will focus on audio theory and digital audio recording / editing (using Audacity).

Course program

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2007/07 VJ Factory Workshop @ Media Lab Tallinn

1. Introduction

In June 1st 2006 I participated in the VJ Factory Festival, organised by MediaLab Tallinn / MARTU (

The first part of the festival took place at MediaLab Tallinn, in a reconverted factory called Kultuuritehas Polymer (Culture Factory Polimer).