Teaching CV

2021-… Tallinn University (Estonia) – Associate Professor in Digital Transformation

Master in Digital Learning Games, Master in HCI

  • 2021-22      Graphics and Sound Programming – Procedural sound and graphics for games (p5.js)
  • 2018-21 University of Greenwich (UK) – Senior Lecturer in Digital Media

    BSc Digital Media Design and Development, BSc Games Design and Development:

    • 2020-21      Academic Research (module leader) – research methods
    • 2020-21      Emergent Technologies (module leader) – AR, VR, NUI, VUI, wearables, IoT
    • 2019-21      Digital Media Campaign (module leader) – Digital marketing.
    • 2019-21      Motion Graphics for Games and Digital Media (module leader) – Linear and procedural animation (p5.js).
    • 2018-21      Sound Design for Games and Digital Media (module leader) – Audio recording, mixing and editing.
    • 2018-21      Digital Media Production – Methods in HCI for design and evaluation. Group project development.
    • 2018-21      Final Year Project – Supervision of individual student final projects and dissertation

    2016-18 University of Madeira (Portugal) – Assistant Professor

    Master in HCI (with Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Master in Interactive Digital Media: 

    • 2017-18      Interaction Design Methods – Methods in HCI for design and evaluation.
    • 2016-18      Human Factors – Knowledge and methods in human factors, cognitive science, and social science that assist in designing interactions with the world, tools and technology.
    • 2016-17      Design Studio – Course focusing on design methods techniques for interactive systems, emphasizing user-centered approaches and evaluation. Students develop an HCI project.
    • 2016-18      Service Design – Introduces service design, and engages students in working on service design briefs tackling real-life problems and opportunities. Students work in multidisciplinary teams.

    Course taught at Interactive Media Design Bachelor degree:

    • 2016-17      Interactive Media Design Project – Ideation, planning, management, evaluation and launch of an Interactive Media Design Project, in a chosen domain. 

    2014-16 Goldsmiths, University of London, Department of Computing (UK) – Research Fellow

    Master in Computational Arts:

    • 2014-15      Workshops in Creative Coding – Introduction to programming (with openFrameworks/C++).

    2011-14 Aalto University (Finland) – Lecturer 

    Master in New Media Production: 

    • 2011-14      Multitouch Interaction – Mobile applications design and development with openFrameworks/C++.
    • 2011-14      Multimedia Authoring – Developing for generative media and interaction design with openFrameworks/C++ (advanced programming course).
    • 2013-14      Arts, Technology and Business – Introducing entrepreneurship and digital creative industries.
    • 2011-14      Software Studies for Media Designers – Introduction to programming with Processing/Java and HTML5/JavaScript.
    • 2011-14      Information Visualization Design – 2D, 3D and AR interactive visualization (with Prof. Lily Diaz).

    2000-2006 ISTEC (Portugal) – Lecturer

    BSc  Multimedia Engineering:

    • 2001-06      Designing Interactive Communication – Interaction design and programming (ActionScript).
    • 2000-06      Graphic Design and Animation – Introduction to graphic design and animation (Adobe Flash).
    • 2000-04      Design and Development of Multimedia Projects I, II – Project development and management.

    Guest Lecturer

    Aalto University (Finland) – Master in New Media Production, Department of Media

    • 2014-21      Generative Media Coding – Developing for generative media and interaction design with openFrameworks/C++ (advanced programming course).
    • 2014-19      Multitouch Interaction – Mobile design and development with openFrameworks/C++.
    • 2007-10      Multimedia Authoring – Developing for generative media and interaction design with Adobe Flash.

    Hochschule Rhein-Waal (Germany) – Master in Digital Media

    • 2017          Interactive Systems – Interaction design and media authoring with openFrameworks / C++.

    Tallinn University (Estonia)

    • 2020          Graphics and Sound Programming – Procedural sound and graphics for games (p5.js). [1]
    • 2012-14      Developing Interactive Systems – Interaction design and rapid prototyping (openFrameworks). [2]
    • 2012-13      Crossmedia Project Management – Project management for crossmedia projects. [3]
    • 2009-10      Digital Interactive Audio – Introduction to sound design for interactive media. [4]

    Department of Informatics – Masters in: Digital Learning Games [1], Human-Computer Interaction [2], Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments [4]. Baltic Film and Media School – Masters in: Crossmedia Production [3].

    Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Estonia) – Master in Audiovisual Composition:

    • 2013          Visual music, audiovisual composition and synesthesia – sound visualization with vector graphics;

    Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia) – Master in New Media:

    • 2007          Multimedia Authoring – Interactive media development (Adobe Flash).

    Instituto Piaget (Portugal) – Post-Graduate course in Information and Communication Technologies:

    • 2005-06      Internet Technologies – Web-design course with HTML.
    • Multimedia Communication Technologies – Multimedia design course with Adobe Flash.

    ISEC – Instituto Superior de Ensino e Ciências (Portugal) – Post-Graduate course in Web Design:

    • 2005-06      Design Management – entrepreneurship and project management in digital design.

    ESTAL – Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Artes de Lisboa (Portugal)

    • 2005-06      BA in Design: Web Design – Web-design course with HTML and Adobe Flash.
    • 2003-06      PgCert in Web Design: Multimedia Design Management – innovation and management in digital design.

    E-learning course development – Tallinn University

    2010          Multimedia Development – Introduction to web development online course, created for Tallinn University under the BeST e-learning programme by the European Social Foundation.

    General public workshops conducted (creative coding and multisensory UX)

    • 2021/08/05 AI, Emergent Technologies and Creative Practices, TARTUFF Tartu Film Festival, Estonia;
    • 2017/11/26      Generative AV Workshop, Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal;
    • 2016/03      Generative AV Hackathon, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK;
    • 2015/07      Generative AV Hackathon, Music Hackspace, London, UK;
    • 2014/12      Generative AV Hackathon, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK;
    • 2014/09      Generative AV Workshop, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK;
    • 2014/02      AVVX Workshop, Media Factory, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland;
    • 2013/11      Emotional Window Workshop, Slovenian Independent Bienalle, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
    • 2013/10      AVVX Workshop, 9K1Nams, Creative Coding festival, Riga, Latvia;
    • 2013/09      Emotional Window Workshop, Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, Finland;
    • 2013/04      AVVX Workshop, Aalto FabLab, PixelAche festival, Helsinki, Finland;
    • 2012/07      AVVX Workshop, Slovenian Independent Bienalle, Ljubljana, Slovenia.