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p5.js Sound tutorials (2020)

In the scope of the Graphics and Sound Programming course at Tallinn University (May 2020), taught online due to COVID-19, I created a few video tutorials on sound in p5.js. Hopefully these will be useful, although they were created to support a course with Zoom sessions (not as a stand-alone tutorials).

Ex1-Oscillator: Code / Video

Coding Processing Sound TLU

2020/05 Graphics and Sound Programming @ Tallinn University

Sound Programming part of the course (19-21 May 2020)

Brief Description of course content:

  • Basic concepts in acoustics and music theory.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • Digital filtering.
  • Fast Fourier transform.
  • Sound synthesis.
  • Audio engines.
  • Procedural sound generation in p5.js.
  • Integration of procedural audio in games.
Aalto Aalto - Other Coding Processing

2014/01 Software Studies for Media Designers @ Media Lab Helsinki

Software Studies for Media Designers, Part 1 – Processing:

  • 07 Jan 14 – Kickoff, Processing basics
  • 08 Jan 14 – Math, Interactive sketches
  • 09 Jan 14 – Flow control, functions
  • 10 Jan 14 – Arrays, Strings, type conversion, exporting
  • 14 Jan 14 – Processing.js
  • 15 Jan 14 – Revisions exercise

Introduction presentation: available here

Exercises are available at my OpenProcessing page.


Introduction videos:

Recommended book: Reas, C. & Fry, B., 2010. Getting started with Processing

Main course blog: (currently offline due to server move)