Coding openFrameworks Sound Tutorials

Sound: openFrameworks + ofxMaxim

Maximilian and the ofxMaxim addon have been an important component of my creative coding teaching, with openFrameworks. However, tutorials on ofxMaxim are not very easily available. In this post, I will collect some related resources that can be useful for students. Thank you to Aalto Media Lab for the support on this.

Main openFrameworks / ofxMaxim links:


Maximilian examples (“non-openFrameworks” c++):


Coding Processing Sound TLU

2020/05 Graphics and Sound Programming @ Tallinn University

Sound Programming part of the course (19-21 May 2020)

Brief Description of course content:

  • Basic concepts in acoustics and music theory.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • Digital filtering.
  • Fast Fourier transform.
  • Sound synthesis.
  • Audio engines.
  • Procedural sound generation in p5.js.
  • Integration of procedural audio in games.