2013/04 AVVX Visual Music Workshop @ PixelAche/AAVE Festival, Helsinki

The 2 day “AVVX – Visual Music with Vector Graphics” workshop took place at Aalto FabLab, Helsinki, as part of the CCLV – Creative Coding for Live Visuals event – organised by PixelAche/AAVE Festival, 10-11 April 2013. During the workshop, we discussed visual music; participants were introduced to the AVVX app; and prepared visuals for the software.


As per suggestion of the organisers, the sound source for the visualisations would come from one single musician/group. I proposed music by my project Baltic Diving Co (SoundCloud link), with Joel Tammik.

On the 3rd day, 13/April, we had a final performance at Sandro Bar, Helsinki.

AVVX app (free, open source) available at

Thank you to course participants, AAVE and PixelAche (in particular Irina Spicaka).