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2015/03 Multimedia Authoring @ Aalto Media Lab

From 23 to 27 March, I taught the Multimedia Authoring course at Aalto University, Media Lab Helsinki. The course is focused on the generative aspects of multimedia design and the authoring process, interaction design and the control of media elements in interactive projects. Special emphasis is given to crossings between sound and image: sound visualisation; sonification; audiovisual composition; visual music; etc. Techniques from the Gen.AV projects were discussed and used. More information on the course:

Multimedia Authoring 2015. Generative Audio/Visuals. Aalto University, Media Lab Helsinki
Projects by: André Vicentini, Eduard Shagal, Fernando Visockis, Johanna Lehto, Niklas Pöllönen, Samir Hassaine, Ralf Baumann, Roupen Bastadjan, Tuomas Ahva, Yun Hsuan Huang, Chen Ling
Teacher: Nuno Correia
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