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2021/05 Generative Media Coding @ Aalto Media Lab

In 17-21 May 2021, I taught the Generative Media Coding course at Aalto Media Lab (Aalto University).

Teacher: Nuno N. Correia (

Projects by: Eric Zuuring, Francesca Bogani Amadori, Henry Lämsä, Lassi Häkkinen, Liga Felta, Özge Raudanjoki, Philippe La Grassa, Simon Fankhauser, Zuzanna Oniszczuk

Made with: (8 projects) and (1 project)


ZuzannaOniszczuk 1


Course topics:

  • Introduction to Generative Media and openFrameworks
  • 2D drawing and text
  • Forces and particle systems
  • Noise
  • Images and video
  • Sound and sound visualization
  • Coursework support

Course materials:

  • Video tutorials and code (to be distributed in advance of the course)
  • Code repository:
  • Previous courses:


  • ofBook (work in progress)
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