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2010/07 Multimedia Project Management @ Baltic Film and Media School

These are the topics for my lecture today at the “New Media and Innovation Management” Workshop, organized by Tallinn University’s Baltic Film and Media School and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

The theme of the lecture is Multimedia Project Management, which will be centered around a generic new media project proposal.

Project proposal (a possible structure):

  • Summary / scope of the project
    • Statement from the client / brief / request for proposal
    • Was there a possibility to re-open / question the brief or request?
  • Concept and approach
    • Diagrams and/or sketches
    • Inspiration and benchmarks
    • Relevant past own work
    • User/audience/market studies, if available; description of target audience
  • Project team
  • Schedule, deliveries, milestones
  • Cost/budget
  • Limitations/special conditions/technical requirements (if relevant)
  • Possibilities for future developments
  • Conclusion


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