AVVX – Proposal

The workshop intends to bring awareness to the interconnections between the different senses, namely between sight and hearing. Specially developed software, free and open-source, will be used ( The software analyses audio in real-time, and manipulates visuals according to that analysis.

Participants will develop the visuals during the workshop, and will propose sounds to be used together with those visuals. The visuals are built using static 2D graphics, using any vector graphics software (for example, Adobe Illustrator). Participants should bring their computers and vector graphics software.

There will be a final performance, combining and sonic and visual outcomes of the workshop, via the special software.

The proposed duration of the workshop is of 3 days (approximately 20 hours in total). It can be organized in 3-5 days. For example:

  • Day 1: lecture about visual music and synesthesia; demonstration of the software with pre-prepared sound and visuals.
  • Day 2: development of visuals by participants; proposal of sonic material.
  • Day 3: integration of sound, visuals and software; final performance.

Technical notes:

  • The visuals will consist of 2D vector graphics. I will assist in the production of these graphics, and suggest software for its production or digitization / conversion.
  • One or multiple projections can be used. For each projection, a computer and a projector will be needed.
  • A sound system (amplifier/microphone/speakers/cables/adaptors) will be needed for sound. In the case of multiple computers, a mixer will be needed as well.

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