2014/12 Gen.AV 1 Hackathon on Interactive Computer-Generated Audiovisuals

On the 6th and 7th December 2014, I conducted a 2-day hackathon on the topic of Interactive Computer-Generated Audiovisuals at EAVI, Goldsmiths, University of London. The participants developed tools for audiovisual performance, taking into account results from a previous workshop. The results are available here: The hackathon is part of the 2-year Enabling AVUIs research project being conducted at Goldsmiths. Conducted in collaboration with Video Hackspace ( There was a follow-up hackday in January, and the projects were presented as public performance at Goldsmiths on the 6th February 2015.


2014/10 Workshop on Interactive Computer-Generated Audiovisuals

On 18th October 2014, I conducted a 1-day workshop on the topic of Interactive Computer-Generated Audiovisuals at EAVI, Goldsmiths, University of London. The participants designed sketches of a tool for audiovisual performance, in 2 brainstorming sessions. The workshop is part of the 2-year Enabling AVUIs research project being conducted at Goldsmiths. Conducted in collaboration with Video Hackspace (

Coding openFrameworks

2014-2015 Workshops in Creative Coding @ Goldsmiths

This semester I will be teaching the 40-hour course Workshops in Creative Coding 1 at the MA/MFA in Computational arts, Goldsmiths, University of London. The workshops-based course will relate to my research, as there will be a strong component of interaction design and audiovisuals. Each of the 10 sessions will be a “mini-workshop”, with a specific theme. Some of the research concepts will be tried out during the workshops.
Course link (includes source code to exercises):


AVVX – About / Instructions


AVVX (Audio Visual Vector eXchange) is a visual sequencer for VJing and audiovisual performances, using vector graphics. Based on the open image standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and JavaScript. Free, open source. Project by Nuno Correia and collaborators. To contribute visuals, send an email to: mail[at]

(More AVVX videos)

Why use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) for live visuals?

  • SVG is an open standard
  • The format is supported by most vector graphics drawing apps
  • Vector graphics are very light and flexible, quick to create, and easily animated
  • There is a long tradition of using simple geometric elements for visual music
  • “Less is more” approach, instead of / in addition to using more powerful tools
Aalto Aalto - Other Management

2013-2014 Content, Business and Technologies minor @ Aalto University

During the 2013-2014 academic year, I have been the head of the Content, Business and Technologies (CBT) minor study program at Aalto University. CBT prepares the students to understand creative industry project management and processes, as well as leading and managing projects. During this year, the first year of the program, I was involved in setting up, promoting and running CBT, and also in teaching the main course of the program – Art, Technology and Business.

The CBT study program follows a hands-on approach and prepares the students to generate innovations for the cultural and creative industry sector. In particular, the program concentrates on media, ubiquitous computing, cross-media, creative sector services and customer relations. The study program is organised in collaboration with the Departments of Media (Aalto ARTS), the Department of Media Technology (Aalto SCI) and Department of Marketing (Aalto BIZ), and is coordinated by Aalto Media Factory. The first edition of the CBT program started in January 2014. After a selection process, 10 students were chosen across different Aalto University schools.

In the CBT program, students can choose from 15 courses from the participating schools (ARTS, SCI and BIZ). There is one compulsory course – Art, Technology and Business. The course consists of two parts, one per semester. The first part covers important topics in the intersection of management with art, design and technology, such as: design management, innovation, service design, agile development, social media and business, entrepreneurship, ubiquitous computing, art and business, games production, and cross-media. It relies heavily on guest speakers relevant to these topics – invited speakers have been: Iñaki Amate (Fjord), Christian Lindholm (Koru Labs), Markus Koljonen (ex-Futurice), Richard von Kaufman (Zipipop Freud), Heidi Tikka, Petri Ikonen (Electronic Arts), Nelli Lähteenmäki (Health Puzzle / Startup Sauna) and Sami Kallinen (YLE).The second part of the course will be essentially project-based – the students will develop a group project, involving planning, designing and launching a new digital product or service.


Aalto Mobile & AR Multitouch Interaction

2014/03 Multitouch Interaction @ Aalto Media Lab

The Multitouch Interaction course at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS) focuses on using multitouch to create engaging experiences. Multiple devices are used, with an emphasis on the iOS platform. This video is a compilation of the exercises and projects done during the course.

Mobile & AR TLU

2014/03 Developing Interactive Systems @ Tallinn University

In March 2014, I taught the 28 hour Developing Interactive Systems course, part of Human Computer Interaction MA of Tallinn University. The course focused on mobile development with openFrameworks and iOS.

Photos and videos from the course:

Aalto Aalto - Other AV AVVX

2014/02 AVVX – Audiovisual Exchange workshop (Helsinki) report

The project “AVVX – Web Platform and Workshop” concluded with a workshop taking place 10-13 February 2014 at Aalto University’s Media Factory. Media Factory also provided the financial support for its production. Nuno Correia (Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture) and Jari Kleimola (Aalto University School of Science) formed the team responsible for the project.

During the project, an entirely new version of the earlier AVVX (AudioVisual Vector eXchange) software was developed. The main additions were:

Aalto Information Visualization Mobile & AR

2014/02 Information Visualization Design – Augmented Reality @ Aalto Media Lab

In February 2014 I taught one week of the Information Visualization Design course at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS), dedicated to Augmented Reality. Students developed their projects using web/mobile solutions such as Wikitude and Flayar. More on the course (and the technologies used):

Aalto Aalto - Other Coding Processing

2014/01 Software Studies for Media Designers @ Media Lab Helsinki

Software Studies for Media Designers, Part 1 – Processing:

  • 07 Jan 14 – Kickoff, Processing basics
  • 08 Jan 14 – Math, Interactive sketches
  • 09 Jan 14 – Flow control, functions
  • 10 Jan 14 – Arrays, Strings, type conversion, exporting
  • 14 Jan 14 – Processing.js
  • 15 Jan 14 – Revisions exercise

Introduction presentation: available here

Exercises are available at my OpenProcessing page.


Introduction videos:

Recommended book: Reas, C. & Fry, B., 2010. Getting started with Processing

Main course blog: (currently offline due to server move)