2013/03 AVVX Visual Music Workshop @ Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn

The 3 day “AVVX – Visual Music with Vector Graphics” workshop took place at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in March 2013. During the workshop, we discussed visual music; participants were introduced to the AVVX app; and prepared audio and visuals for the software.

On the 4th day (8/March), we had a performance at Estonian History Museum, Tallinn, with: Markus Robam, Domenico de Cesare, Malle Maltis, Manus Olesk, Aleksandr Zedeljov, Sander Tuvikene, Taavi Tulev (also performing their own music).

The following video collects several lo-fi recordings captured at the showcase:

Photos from the workshop:


Photos from the showcase:


AVVX app (free, open source) available at

Thank you to course participants, Taavi Varm for iPhone filming, EAMT, and in particular Malle Maltis and Paolo Girol.