Aalto Information Visualization Mobile & AR

2012/02 Information Design – Augmented Reality @ Aalto Media Lab


In February 2012, I taught one week of the Information Design course at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS), dedicated to Augmented Reality. Students developed their projects using the FLARToolkit, with some customizations by me. More on the course (and FLARToolkit):

Aalto Mobile & AR Multitouch Interaction

2011/12 Multitouch Interaction @ Aalto Media Lab

The Multitouch Interaction course at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS) focuses on using multitouch to create engaging experiences. Multiple devices are used, with an emphasis on the iOS platform. This video is a compilation of the exercises and projects done during the course.

iPhone exercise 3

iOS apps source code available at

More info on the course, and projects:

Aalto Coding Multimedia Authoring openFrameworks

2011/05 Multimedia Authoring @ Aalto Media Lab

Multimedia Authoring at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University, ARTS) focuses on media manipulation with code, namely C++/openFrameworks. The video is a compilation of the exercises done during the course. Mac apps and multi-platform source code available at​mediacode/​coursefiles/​course_2011_04/​
(Mac apps can be found within the “Bin” folder of each exercise)


Thank you: all course participants, guest lecturer Michihito Mizutani, openFrameworks community
More about the course and projects:

Aalto Aalto - Other Mobile & AR

2010/09 Designing Interaction with Electronics @ Aalto Media Lab

Exercises from:
Designing Interaction with Electronics course, 9/2010
Media Lab, Aalto University, School of Art and Design
By Michihito Mizutani and Nuno Correia (Flash teaching/demos)
The course focused on exploring interactivity with the Nokia N900 and Flash. Course information and materials available here:
More information on the course:

Examples created / tweaked by students:

Coding Flash TLU Tutorials

2010/08 Multimedia Development – online ActionScript course @ Tallinn University

In August, I developed 3 “learning objects” related to Flash and ActionScript, entitled “Multimedia Development”:

This is similar to an online course, and somehow adapts some of the lessons I was teaching at the time at my Flash-related courses (which would soon transition to openFrameworks, JavaScript and Processing). The course was commissioned by Tallinn University, and c0-funded by the EU.

Management TLU

2010/07 Multimedia Project Management @ Baltic Film and Media School

These are the topics for my lecture today at the “New Media and Innovation Management” Workshop, organized by Tallinn University’s Baltic Film and Media School and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

The theme of the lecture is Multimedia Project Management, which will be centered around a generic new media project proposal.

Aalto Coding Flash Multimedia Authoring

2010-2007 Multimedia Authoring @ Media Lab Helsinki

From 2007 to 2010, I taught 4 editions of the Multimedia Authoring course at Media Lab Helsinki, University of Art and Design Helsinki (now Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture). Between 2007 and 2009, I taught only half of the course. The course focused on interactive and generative media development, and the technology adapted for my component of the course in that period was Adobe Flash.


2009/09 Digital Interactive Audio @ Tallinn University


From 21/9/2009 to 1/10/2009, I’ll be teaching the Digital Interactive Audio 20h course @ Tallinn University, as part of the Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments master program.

The course will focus on audio theory and digital audio recording / editing (using Audacity).

Course program


2008/02 Interaction Design lectures @ Hyper Island, Sweden

Hyper Island Karlskrona 19/2/2008


Hyper Island Stockholm 20-21/2/2008


In February 2008, I was invited to give a series of lectures on Interaction Design at Hyper Island, a leading Swedish new media institute, with programs in Stockholm and Karlskrona. The invitation came through the company I was working at the time, digital agency Fjord. I was impressed by the way the Hyper Island programs were organized, with extensive industry connections. I was also positively impressed by the facilities (very modern and flexible in Stockholm, a renewed world heritage site in Karlskrona), and by the drive, motivation and creativity of the students. The Karlskrona lecture took place 19/2/2008, the Stockholm lectures 20-21/2/2008.

Coding Flash

2007/10 Multimedia Authoring course @ Estonian Academy of Arts


In 10/2007, I taught an intensive 5 days Multimedia Authoring course at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. It was mainly a introductory Flash course. In the end, the students presented their small projects or prototypes.